Cardio Memory

Cardio Memory


Fitness Assessment Software System

CARDIOMEMORY is the solution supplied by Technogym to help doctors, physiotherapists and trainers to carry out real-time data measurement, evaluation and recording when running Stress Tests and VO2max Tests.

Key Features

  • Customer’s database
  • Real-time monitoring of the test and training sessions using the Excite Med range
  • Test and training data storage
  • Trend analysis of the training results and performance comparison
  • Reporting system with graphics,evaluations and constructive feedback

Key Benefits


  • Using the report functionality of the CARDIOMEMORY will make it even easier to sell training and test sessions
  • All real-time training and test data are stored in a database


  • PROFESSIONALISM: CARDIOMEMORY adds value to the service


  • SAFETY: The real-time graph improves staff ability to prevent workout risk
  • FEEDBACK: The user can receive reports relating to each training or test session and compare these with their previous results.

Dashboard collect relevant data from different sources, Wellness System, Contact Manager or Memebership software and show it in simple and clear gauges that gives an immediate indication about business performances.

It simplifies the operator’s workload, rapidly identifying the critical issues and monitoring the effects of the interventions adopted.

With a simple click it is possible to drill down and show more details about a chart.

The Wellness System Dashboard is easy to use – view updated facility data in seconds.

The Wellness System dashboard helps keep you in touch with your business. It can be used to:

  • Monitor KPI trends
  • Identify critical factors
  • Take actions to address change
  • Monitor the impact of implemented actions
  • Set clear and achievable goals for staff based on KPI values
  • Monitor and provide incentives based on performance
  • Benchmark and share best practices


Technical Specifications
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