Contact Manager

Contact Manager


Contact Manager transforms the art of customer satisfaction and retention into a science.

According to the Fitness Industry Association, only 50% of sports and fitness facilities achieve a customer retention rate of 60% or more.

Contact Manager addresses this problem of customer retention head on.

In a recent pilot study, the use of Contact Manager resulted in increased retention rates by 54% within 6 months.

Contact Manager improves levels of customer service and increases member retention.

Contact Manager not only tracks every aspect of a customer's attendance, activities and satisfaction, but also enables you to deliver standardised and consistent customer service based on a set of customisable protocols.

In addition, through the use of a unique set of algorithms, Contact Manager will automatically alert you when a member is in danger of dropping out.

Contact Manager also supports your trainers and increases their productivity.

Give your trainers direct access to Contact Manager and enable them to offer faster, more efficient and a more personal level of service to your members.

Trainers can track the attendance, compliance and performance of every member, and optimise the use of their time by following the task lists suggested by Contact Manager.

Unique Features of Contact Manager

STANDARDISED CUSTOMER SERVICE – The science of customer service and retention is achieved through Contact Manager's delivery of a standardised and consistent approach to serving the needs of each individual member.

CUSTOMISABLE SERVICE PLANS – Individual members will be allocated an appropriate service plan, so that trainers can access their task lists and know when to approach each member, and which task to address.

AUTOMATIC ALERTS – Alerts let trainers and management know when each member is in the club and if, and when, they need to be approached and assisted.

COMPATIBLE WITH THE WELLNESS SYSTEM – Contact Manager is compatible and can be fully integrated with the Wellness System, enabling an increased level of efficiency and customer service.

COMPATIBLE WITH PDAS – Contact Manager PDA enables trainers to access member files and their own task lists, wherever they are in the facility.

CONTACT THROUGH EMAIL AND TEXT MESSAGING – Contact Manager enables you to contact members with targeted information or promotional messages via email and text message.

Unique Benefits of Contact Manager

Customer Benefits

CUSTOMISED WORKOUT ROUTINES – Members feel they are being taken care of on a more personal level when they are given customised routines that match their personal fitness wellness goals.

MEANINGFUL INTERACTION WITH TRAINERS – With Contact Manager, every interaction between trainers and members becomes more meaningful and helpful.

GREATER SUPPORT IN ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS – Members are better able to achieve their fitness wellness goals through the application of clear, systematic protocols by their trainers.

Business Benefits

INCREASED CUSTOMER RETENTION – The consistent application of improved levels of customer service throughout your facility, will lead to significantly reduced levels of attrition among your members.

INCREASED TRAINER EFFICIENCY – By using Contact Manager, your trainers will be able to follow specific task lists, respond to customer alerts and generally make more efficient use of their time.

MONITOR STAFF PERFORMANCE – Contact Manager enables you to monitor and improve the performance and activities of all your staff members.
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