Wellness System Health

Wellness System Health


The solution for workout and asset management

The Wellness System Health is a special version of the Wellness Trainer tailored for small rehabilitation centers.

Technogym® has developed Wellness System Health to provide a unique solution, equipment and software, for workout management to doctors and physiotherapists

The features of Wellness System Health have been selected to fit the needs of the Health & Medical customers.

It allows the operator to manage:

  • patients’ personal data,
  • training programmes
  • functional tests
  • measurements
  • training results and reports

Wellness System Health has the following functionalities

Personal Data

  • Demographics and customisable fields
  • Health data and medical history
  • Training goals recording

Functional Test And Measurements

  • Programming and recording of Aerobic tests - maximal strength tests - body composition,
  • Recording and management of biometric parameters such as body weight, blood pressure, glucose levels
  • Automatic acquisition of measurements: weight, body fat, blood pressure etc. This feature requires the license for Biometrics Link
  • Monitoring of results and benchmarking with reference data

Training Programme

  • Easy to create tailored training programs
  • Intelligent workload setter based on functional test results
  • Extensive programme library for fast prescription training
  • Auto progression which recalculates workloads
  • Management of all equipment and training types

Results And Reports

  • Detailed charts of results and performance data gathered during training
  • Detailed information on each exercise performed
  • Reports on exercise adherence, programmes and test renewal, biometrics data history
  • Exportable results and reports.

For the doctor and the physician

  • Differentiation from other centres
  • Health and lifestyle members profiling
  • Training and test data stored and available in a data base
  • Reports can be used to certify the workout required and where applicable receive reimbursement from health insurances or government agencies
  • In depth analysis and trend result available through data capture functionality
  • Simplification and management of daily tasks

For the patient

  • makes fitness equipment easy to operate
  • enhances workout adherence
  • secure workout. Pre set training target by heart rate
  • patient can review the report of each training or test session and compare it with the previous ones.
  • clear trend of health progression
Technical Specifications
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