Top Inclusive

Top Inclusive


EXCITE™ Top provides cardiovascular upper body training for athletes – and for everyone else.

EXCITE™ TOP provides excellent upper body training. It combines aerobic activity and high calorie expenditure with shoulder, torso and core stabilizer muscle toning and strengthening.

This machine is a must for any facility that aims to offer its members complete cardiovascular training.

Used by champions, and everyone else.

EXCITE™ Top is a favorite among Olympic athletes the world over.

But it has also been designed to provide simple, safe and ergonomic exercise routines for the broadest possible range of wellness customers. 

  • For athletes looking for vigorous upper-body cardiovascular training
  • For body-conscious users in search of their very best upper body shape and posture
  • For overweight users looking to burn calories and improve their cardiovascular fitness
  • For rehabilitation and for users in wheelchairs in need of cardiovascular training and upper body strength development

A uniquely flexible, easy-to-use, multi-sensory cardiovascular training experience.

EXCITE™ TOP can be customised for use in a standing position, with an ergonomic seat, with a traditional seat and for use with a wheelchair.

An innovative warm up routine minimises the chance of injury and ensures a safe and enjoyable workout for all your users.

Active Wellness TV motivates users at all levels with its goal-oriented display, which can be customised to deliver different types and levels of feedback. Active Wellness TV is also TV, radio and iPod compatible, enabling the user to remain fully engaged, enjoying a complete wellness experience.


Run Inclusive


Adapted seat to allow easy & safe removal by eother wheel chair & able bodies users. This then allows easy access on to the platform via extended ramps.


Run Inclusive


The telescopic arms have the tactile numbers


Run Inclusive


The yellow handles rotate to add variety to the exercise & muscles involved.


Run Inclusive


The new ramp of the Top guarantee a workout for a wheelchair users. The exclusive design provides an easy access to wide variety of wheelchairs.


Run Inclusive


Tactile overlay on the console to aid visually impaired users

Unique Benefits of Excite Top

Customer Benefits

ACCESSIBILITY – With its adjustable hand crank and removable seat, the EXCITE Top is accessible to all users, including those in wheelchairs.

SAFETY - An integrated Warm Up routine, ergonomic seat design and continuous feedback system combine to make using the EXCITE Top a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Business Benefits

BROAD APPEAL – The EXCITE Top appeals both to those who specifically want to build their upper body strength, and also to users who will use this equipment as part of a balanced workout routine.



Special Features
User Defined Language Selection
Training Programs
Available Programs
18 - Quick Start, Goals (Time-Distance-Calories), CPR, Profiles (6), Training Zone, Warm Up, Constant Power, Constant Speed, Tests (3)
Maximal test
Maximal Test, Wingate Test
Submaximal test
Fitness Test
Goal training
time, distance, calories
HR Monitoring
Fc Monitoring
Technical Specifications
Power Supply
100-230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Width (mm | in)
650 | 26
Length (mm | in)
1550 | 61
Height (mm | in)
1540 | 61
Weight (kg | lbs)
130 | 290
Energy Consumption
100 VA