Visioweb. Wellness, business and web at your fingertips

Read e-mails, catch up on the latest news, or update your Facebook status while you workout. Today, it's all just a touch away.

VISIOWEB is the new interactive digital platform that transforms your workout into Wellness Time.

Run Inclusive

Community Time.

Access your online communities, talk with your friends, manage your contacts.


Run Inclusive

Business Time.

Check your mail, read and write messages for work, and make the most of the time you spend exercising.


Run Inclusive

News Time.

Read the news in real time and stay connected to your world.


Run Inclusive

Training Time.

Discover a new way to work out with a special trainer.


Run Inclusive

Surfing Time.

Watch a video on YouTube, update your Facebook status. Starting today, the world of the web is always with you.


Run Inclusive


Read your e-mail, update your Facebook profile, watch videos on YouTube, and play online: with VISIOWEB, you're always in touch with your friends.


Run Inclusive

TV & RADIO to relax and enjoy yourself.

Watch your favourite TV programmes and listen to music on your choice of radio station.


Run Inclusive


Train your mind with the best known and most engaging games! You can choose from the long list provided


Run Inclusive

Plug &Train

You can create a personalised workout programme, follow the routine you want and save the workout data on the Wellness System Key.


Run Inclusive

Guide Me

You always have a video library available that clearly explains how to use the equipment and set up your workouts. Discover the benefits of each specific movement. 


Experience the Interactive Wellness Experience

With VISIOWEB, entertainment and wellness are just a touch away. Surf the Web and discover new experiences whilst you train. Explore your favourite websites, look at your photos, watch your videos, and relax with the most enjoyable games.

Give your clients a new world of entertainment.

VISIOWEB is an innovative digital platform that transforms workouts into an engaging interactive experience. You can now offer your clients the content of the world wide web whilst they train. What's more, VISIOWEB lets you communicate directly with them and promote your promotions, activities and services.



Visio Applications
iPod / iPhone
(optional) recharge, music playlists and tracks, video, shuffle playing, control on LCD touch screen, Nike+iPod
Analogue TV
max 200 channels - PAL, NTSC, Secam
Digital TV
max 200 channels - DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T
Guide Me
visual education videos: exercise, workouts, benefits, VISIOWEB, Plug&Train
Club Area
equipment rankings and static content areas: promotions, course programmes, bulletin board
(optional) edit and publish messages, Club area contents, surveys single site version - enterprise for multiple locations version
Plug & Train
(optional) track and save a training programme and results
Four-in-a-row, TG Math, Backgammon, Mah-Jong, TG pairs, TG cards
USB multimedia
(optional) mp3, wma, wav, wmv, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, jpg
mpeg2, mpeg4 TS SD - UDP, RTP, multicast and unicast protocols
browsing web pages; up to 64 bookmarks; floating keyboard to input data; web proxy support
Visio: User Interface
accessible view with large labels and high contrast graphics
Promo channel
Personal Interface
different interfaces for beginners, intermediate and advanced users
Easy and accessible workout
Zoom interface set as default view in “Quick Start” and “Goal-based” workouts
Customer logo
in stand-by, in Club Area and in Communicator messages
Close captioning
Secondary Audio Programs (SAP)
13 languages - user selected / manager defined
US English, UK English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Italian
Visio: Technical Specs
Integrated LCD with Touch Screen technology
19” in RUN and 15,4” in other equipments - WIDE format (16:9)
Wireless and Wired network ready
IEEE 802.11 b/g and LAN Ethernet 10/100
Software upgrade via USB
Personal Entertainment Options
Digital radio (max 40 channels)
max 100 channel - DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T
Secondary language selection from home page