Group Cycle

Group Cycle


Group Cycle

Our bikes are the indoor evolution of professional Italian road bikes. This heritage has inspired us to design elegant and appealing bikes in the true spirit of racing and of Italian style.

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What do you get when you combine the best indoor movement biomechanics expertise in the fitness industry and the best outdoor cycling heritage in the world? The result is a unique design, exceptional fit and an exquisite attention to quality and details, all of which you will find in Technogym’s Italian Cycling Experience.


Group Cycle

The Patent Pending Fast & Simple Setting System

enables to set up the bike in a quarter of the time required by other bikes, saving trainers and riders precious time.

Easy to visualise controls

Riders follow the yellow visual set up controls to make the necessary adjustments.

Easy to set up

The new patent pending setting system simplifies setting up operations and guarantees user safety. Seat height, fore/aft position and handlebar height can be adjusted in a smooth single motion.

Fore/aft position easy release knob

Specially designed to stay fast yet avoid excessive tightening so any user can release it.

High-resistance plastic coating

Protects from scratches and damages from shoe spikes during stretching exercises and during transport.


Run Inclusive

Multigrip handlebar

The innovative design offers the best comfort and ergonomy in the three traditional training positions and introduces the new chrono-race position, to give trainers and riders more training options.


Run Inclusive

Road geometry

The reduced crank distance combined with the superior biomechanics and ergonomy enables every rider between 140-210 cm of height to achieve the best fit and posture for uncompromising comfort and performance.


Run Inclusive

Italian quality & finish

The smooth surfaces, soft edges and seamlessly integrated controls confer to our bikes unparalleled style and safety.


group cycle

Save 75% setting time and enjoy the ride

With their non-intimidating design, visual set up guidance and easy adjustments, our bikes offer ease and simplicity to all users, even the most inexperienced ones.
The light but sturdy, heavy duty high-quality aluminium frame makes our bikes resistant to corrosion, reliable, durable and easy to look after. They don’t rust, scratch or smell. They require minimum cleaning and are maintenance free. Easy to store and move, they maximise available space opportunities.


Group Cycle

Sweat-proof coated surface

Prevents sweat from penetrating and channels it away from the frame. The bikes stay clean, don’t smell and last longer.


Group Cycle

Number and towel holder

Located at the back of the seat, these features make life easier and more comfortable during classes.


Group Cycle

Easier to move and store

A slight inclination is sufficient to move the bike. And the reduces weight makes the operation really effortless.


Cranks and Pedals
Dual-sided SPD® pedals
Max user weight (kg | lbs)
160 | 352
Resistance and Transmission
60 | 134
Structural Specifications
Technical Specifications
Flywheel weight (kg | lbs)
20,5 | 45
Q Factor (mm | in)
180 | 7
Width (mm | in)
1170 | 46
Length (mm | in)
595 | 23
Height (mm | in)
1040 | 47
Weight (kg | lbs)
61 | 134
Seat and Adjustments
Ergonomically designed double-density padding
Seat height adjustments (mm | in)
14 | 0.5
Seat fore/aft position
Knob & max torque limitation
Handlebar height adjustments (mm | in)
14 | 0.5
Lock system for home enviromental
Optional (available from December 2010)
Wireless Displays