Kinesis Support

Kinesis Support


With Kinesis you get the support and tools you need to maximize the return on your investment

When you choose Kinesis for your facility, you also get access to a full range of business-building support.

By working closely with facilities which already profit from their Kinesis equipment, we have been able to identify the key elements that get you on the fast track to success.


Kinesis Business Guide

The Kinesis Business Guide provides you with profitable business models to maximise results. It also offers practical advice on how to market the product inside the club, additional marketing suggestions and checklists.

The proposed business models are:



  • Secondary Spend (also known as Small Group Training): Kinesis training is sold separately from the traditional membership fee.
  • All Inclusive: As with every other activity, Kinesis training is included in the monthly membership fee and is available to all members.
  • Specialist (also known as Personal Training): A business model suited to a small specialised facility (personal training or physiotherapy) where Kinesis is the main equipment.

Kinesis Layout Design

Use our Wellness Design Service to find out how to optimise the space you allocate to your Kinesis equipment. The environment you create for Kinesis will have a significant impact on the perceived value of the equipment, and therefore the revenue it generates for your facility.

Kinesis Education

Kinesis equipment offers a unique and almost unlimited range of exercises. As a result, your trainers will be able to customise routines to suit the varying needs of a wide variety of customers and customer types.

To help your trainers build on a proven structure, we have created six different training DVDs. The first in the programme includes over 400 different exercises.

By using these DVDs you and your staff will be able to follow a fast and proven path to profitability.


Kinesis Marketing Support

Whether you are promoting within your facility, or to outside prospects, we can provide you with powerful promotional materials that communicate the value and appeal of training with Kinesis equipment.

From brochures to high-impact posters, we have the materials you need to add drama and appeal to your Kinesis launch.