Unleash true energy with the revolutionary line of fitness equipment that makes the dreams of every user come true.

Kinesis offers new opportunities for unique, customised training for all user types, from beginners to the advanced, thanks to its innovative technology.

At the origins of movement

Kinesis gets back to the origins of movement. Natural wellness, harmony of body and mind, along with the creation of a new wellness space are the core of this technological innovation. Kinesis is a complete collection – Circuit, One, Class and Personal providing a solution for training at the gym, in the office or at home – and helps users increase motivation and energy, as well as bringing added value to the work of fitness professionals.

The movement revolution

Rediscover the benefits of movement and improve your life
Kinesis is the innovative option for staying in shape easily and effectively, incorporating a 360 degree rotating pulley system which enables movement on three planes allowing users to move freely without cable interference whilst providing resistance to every possible movement. You'll enjoy a fun training experience that will increase your strength and stamina, joint mobility and motor agility. Kinesis allows you to achieve tangible results with targeted exercises that stabilise the muscles and affect your ability to move freely. You'll discover the beauty of natural movements, improving the efficiency of your daily activities, your awareness of your body, and your ability to relax.

A complete personal training program
The unique Kinesis system offers the advantage that you can personalise training programs and adapt them to the wellness needs of a wide ride of different clients making it an ideal personal trainer tool. A unique and practically unlimited range of movements and progressions can fulfil all the fitness possibilities at every level, from basic to advanced. You'll also be able to capitalise on innovative methods like the Kinesis Training System.

Increase the options at your facility
Kinesis allows you to create the business and development opportunities at your facility. The choice of over 450 exercises to offer a personalised experience guarantees that all clients can achieve concrete results, keeping their levels of commitment and motivation high, thereby increasing loyalty and gaining new clients. The choice of a wide range of complete multimedia programs and Visual Learning Software gives you the tools you need to take full advantage of the enormous potential of Kinesis, attracting the various different user segments.

The most effective therapy and training
If you're a trainer or a physiotherapist, with Kinesis you'll discover an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your professional abilities. Creativity and versatility are emphasised by the complete 360° range of movement offered by the patented Full Gravity Technology. A very efficient use of space is combined with infinite training options which can be adapted for specific sports training or rehabilitation due to it providing resistance to every possible movement of the human body. Whether it's used in a personal training space or a biomedical environment, the training options with Kinesis are practically endless.