Kinesis Stations

Kinesis Stations


Move your way with intuitive, supportive and flexible equipment

The new Kinesis Stations combine the support of traditional strength machines with functional training versatility. As such, users of every level can progress from simple, guided movements to free and natural movements.

Kinesis Stations are a perfect engagement point with members. The movements are designed to be intuitive for independent use, however the flexibility of the equipment opens up opportunity for trainers to engage with clients and add insightful training applications.

Maximum freedom of movement

Thanks to the Kinesis Full Gravity Technology, users can perform movements with greater comfort and without interference of the cable tracking against your arm on pressing movements.

Intuitive path of motion

The handles are set in a position and angle to allow less experienced users to intuitively and safely perform the most natural movement.

Simple and immediate to use

The handles slide up and down the cables to adjust to any user size, eliminating almost all adjustments.

Unique Design

The Kinesis Stations embody a unique and original design, impeccable quality, and extreme attention to product quality and materials. The attractive and distinct design will differentiate and enhance any training area.

The equipment

Kinesis Stations include:

  • Press
  • Overhead Press
  • Low Pull
  • High Pull
  • Core
  • Step/Squat