Lower Body

Lower Body


Raise your profit line faster with the Element line of fitness and strength equipment.

  • Large foot support increases exercise variety possible.
  • Resistance profile is optimized via a cam mounted inside the foot support structure.
  • Shock absorbers stop the carriage at the end of the possible range with a smooth deceleration.
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Visual Setup

The levers, buttons and pins are bright yellow and extremely visible, so even the most inexperienced user can easily spot and correctly set up the equipment, without help from the trainer.


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There are very few settings on each piece of equipment, and all can be easily reached from the workout position. Also, wherever possible, the adjustment controls are placed in consistent locations across the line.


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Smart Pin

This optional feature is integrated into the top of the weight stack and allows the user to select an additional incremental plate that is half the weight of those in the rest in the stack. This makes it possible for users to more gradually increase their load.


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This concept, developed by Technogym’s R&D Centre is based on an extensive study of the functional anatomy of single muscles and their behavior in compound movements. The application of these studies to our selectorised equipment has resulted in a design that reproduces the natural movement of the body through the selected range of motion. Resistance remains steady during the entire range of motion, making the movement exceptionally fluid.


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Allows variable resistance to be delivered to accommodate the specific strength curve of the muscle group being trained, and users perceive consistent resistance throughout the entire exercise. The low initial load enabled by the cam design is in alignment with the strength curve, as muscles are weakest at the beginning and end of their range of motion and strongest in the middle. This feature is beneficial to all users, and particularly to those who are de-conditioned and rehab patients.


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The ergonomic seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support the spinal column and to help users assume the correct position during their workout. Different densities of padding have been used to best accommodate the shape of the body, offering soft or firm support where needed. The wide, comfortable shape accommodates larger users, while the reduced height from the ground enables easy access to shorter users.


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Hygienic Comfort

The Towel Locking Device offers a simple solution for holding the towel in place on the equipment, preventing direct contact with the upholstery and keeping it clean and dry for the next user.

Unique Benefits of Element Essential Strength:

Customer Benefits

VISUAL APPEAL – The attractive, rounded design of the Element line attracts customers who might feel intimidated by equipment that has a more 'aggressive' look and feel.

COMFORT – The seat and back rest are designed to ensure that users can fully engage in their exercises without discomfort.

NATURAL MOVEMENTS – Technogym biomechanical design enables users to optimise the efficiency of their workouts by ensuring that every movement comes naturally, and contributes to their overall workout goals.

Business Benefits

FASTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT – The Element line of equipment offers facilities an affordable choice, without any compromise in quality or essential features.

WIDE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT – Optimise your facility's appeal to a broad range of customers, and increase your purchase savings, by taking advantage of the large number of machines included in the Element line.