Pure Strength

Pure Strength is a force of muscular power. Its advanced performance allows users to push strength to the maximum level, offering freedom of movement in complete safety and making it even easier to achieve results with strength training.

The Pure Strength line: Strength for everyone at the very highest levels

The training that unleashes your true Strength
The Pure Strength line was created to deliver a feeling of "Pure Strength". You'll feel a new freedom typical of training with free weights, but with safer equipment that is easier to use. Pure Strength is an excellent tool during training sessions: it works intensely with you, and makes training more stimulating to achieve the maximum results.

Safety, elevated performance, Pure comfort
The excellent performance of the Pure Strength weight-training machines helps build muscle without exposing it to excessive strain or injury. The advanced biomechanic characteristics maximise the benefits of every workout; the ergonomic design applied to back rests, seats, and grips accommodates the body's physiological movements creating greater strength, excellent safety levels as well as more effective and comfortable exercises.

The evolution of Strength Training
All the machines guarantee defined trajectories and excellent support during exercise. The characteristics that make the Pure Strength line unique include its special high intensity padding and the seat adjustment system that can be used on all the equipment to accommodate the stature of every client. The yellow signalling flags show the right position for the body on the machine and the "pure grip" offers a grained texture to increase grip and prevent lateral slipping.

The advantages of Pure Strength for the facility
Pure Strength satisfies customers seeking to fulfil ambitious muscle strengthening goals. A growing number of people around the world want to achieve the results they get with free weights: Pure Strength offers much more - Durability, Functionality, Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Innovation are the key benefits of Pure Strength for your club. Furthermore it doesn't require maintenance, ensuring maximum equipment durability over time, and it's effective for almost any kind of user.