Radiant Inclusive

Radiant Inclusive


Free Movement Training

Free Movement Training
The Radiant bench is designed to tilt forward at a gradient of 15°, ensuring that each user assumes the correct posture.

This feature, by respecting the physiological curves of the back, stimulates the “core muscles” (i.e. torso stabiliser muscles) more effectively in order that they are actively involved in counteracting the compression of the vertebral column.

The bench is fitted with rollers that provide the knees with effective support during seated exercises.

The pelvic support stabilises the user when in a lying position.


Instructional panel clearly shows key exercises that can be performed utilising the integrated bench or from a wheel - chair.

Radiant Inclusive


The incremental positions provide many exercise options & tactile numbering for visually impaired.


Radiant Inclusive


Tactile & high visibility numbering for easy adjustment & yellow weight pin. The pulley can be adjusted easily with push/release mechanism on both sides with an external regulation to allow the people on the wheelchairs access to the adjustments more easily. New bench shape provide added stability to guarantee the user without a consistent stabilizers muscles the lateral movement.


RADIANT minimum space, maximum potential.

Versatility: With the Radiant, not only can users perform a wide range of exercises, but they can also follow progressions in their chosen movements, increasing the level of stimulation of the torso stabiliser muscles.

The numerous accessories - available as optional extras - further extend the range of exercises that can be performed with the Radiant.

Integrated Bench: The Radiant has a folding bench that tilts forward at a gradient of 15°, ensuring that less experienced users assume a physiologically correct posture throughout the exercise.

Compact Size: Offering a wide range of exercises in a space of just two square metres.
It can also be combined with one or more Cable Columns, with a maximum of three on each side, creating an area where a Personal Trainer can look after anything from one to seven clients at the same time.

Continuity Of Design: The Radiant has the same 'family feeling' as the Selection and Excite™ lines, providing the interior of the club with a strong sense of continuity in terms of product design.

Technical Specifications
Width (mm | in)
2486 | 98
Width (folded) mm | in
Length (mm | in)
860 | 34
Height (mm | in)
2420 | 95
Weight Stack
Weight Stack (kg | lbs)
50 | 100