Multifunctional Equipment

Multifunctional Equipment


By customising your strength training equipment, you will be able to attract more prospective customers to your facility.

The Personal Selection line of strength training equipment combines the choice, performance and reliability you can depend on, with unique style options designed to attract key user groups.

Whether your market comprises weekend warriors, successful executives or women in search of the perfect shape, there are Personal Selection choices that will meet your needs.

Attractive, stylish and easy for your customers to use

Personal Selection equipment helps your customers achieve their strength-training goals with ease and in comfort.

From the comfortable BioSeat to the biomechanical design which impacs on every movement made, a host of unique features make Personal Selection equipment a pleasure to use.

Can be customised to suit your own design and marketing needs.

A wide range of equipment choices and customisable colourways enables you to install a range that enhances the overall look and feel of your facility.

Whether you are creating unique fitness areas within a hotel, resort, spa or exclusive club...or want to create exciting new areas within a larger club...the Personal Selection line gives you the freedom to match the equipment to your own personal or corporate vision. Not only does Personal Selection provide operators with a comprehensive range of strength training equipment, it also offers the opportunity to customise the design of the machines themselves in order to better appeal to the customer base.

  • Multi-functional equipment allows a wide variety of exercises for the trunk
  • The modular solution allows the facility to choose different configurations
  • We offer two basic modules:
  • height adjustable handle (Ercolina Rehab)
  • high-low handle (Ercolina)
  • different accessories kits are available to create different configurations
  • Modules can be installed alone or used to compose workstations: 2, 3 or 4
  • allowed (read carefully the attached coding details)
  • Each module is fitted with lateral bar, ankle band and three different types of grip
Selection Inclusive


Tactile & high visibility numbering for easy adjustment & yellow weight pin.


Selection Inclusive


The pulley can be adjusted easily with push/release mechanism on both sides. The incremental positions provide many exercise options & tactile numbering for visually impaired.


Selection Inclusive


Instructional panel clearly shows key exercises that can be performed utilising the adjustable cable pulley.


Unique Benefits of Personal Selection

Customer Benefits

EASY TO USE – Visual Set Up, Wellness Mate and Power Control all help the user easily adjust the settings to suit their own training preferences.

COMFORT – The BioSeat and the biomechanically assisted movements of the equipment combine to ensure that all Personal Selection equipment is comfortable to use and has a low impact on the body.

A COMFORTABLE SETTING – Stylish design and complementary colour choices help create an atmosphere in which your users can feel relaxed and 'at home'.

Business Benefits

EQUIPMENT CHOICES – Choose from dozens of equipment choices to create a strength training area that matches your facility's needs.

CUSTOMISABLE COLOURS – Work with your designer or architect and select the colours that best complement the atmosphere you are trying to create and the users you are aiming to attract.

WELLNESS SYSTEM – Wellness Mate and Power Control are fully integrated with the Wellness System, allowing you to monitor equipment usage and track user performance.

Technical Specifications
Width (mm | in)
685 | 27
Length (mm | in)
625 | 25
Height (mm | in)
2420 | 95
Weight Stack
Weight Stack (kg | lbs)
27,5 | 55
Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs)
50 | 100
Weight stack plus (lbs)
65 | 130