Spazio Forma

Spazio Forma


Less than 1 square metre when it's closed

Professional treadmill for aerobic training, to improve respiratory capacity and the cardiovascular system.
Use the special smart-fold mechanism to close the treadmill and free up valuable space when not in use.
Equipped with CPR training to enable workouts with a constant pulse rate. There are also programmes for weight loss, general wellness and improved cardiovascular capacity.
Smart Fold: the special folding system reduces the space occupied by the treadmill to under one metre
Road Effect: the texture of the treadmill belt is designed to provide better grip
Safety: maximum safety during use thanks to the side handles and the non-slip edges
Goal Oriented Display: an innovative concept to facilitate interaction between user and machine
Quiet motor: to enable you to train in the privacy of your own home at any time
High-level design: suited to any interior decoration
Designed to ensure the utmost safety: thanks to the width of the treadmill and the wide non-slip edges
Simple functions and immediate information: display shows all the data of the workout, including speed, gradient, distance, calories, pulse rate and time

  • Helps to achieve weight loss goals
  • Improves respiratory capacity
  • Positive effects on blood pressure and the cardiovascular system
  • Tones the leg muscles


Wellness Training

Technogym training services can recommend the training program to suit you best, no matter where your location. Our experts are on hand to help you reap the benefits of correctly-performed physical activities through the efficient use of Technogym products.

Wellness Design

Wellness planning and interior design are the cardinal points of the Technogym ® design service. All based on the skilful planning of lighting, aromas, colours and furnishings to cater for the customer's every need.

Technical Support

Technogym After Sales service is on hand at all times to help you get the best out of your equipment and maintain its value over time. Our Technical Support service guarantees you: An extensive nationwide network of authoris

Min Speed (km/h | mph)
Max Speed (km/h | mph)
Incline (Max)
Training Programs
Cpr Feature
Available Programs
CPR, profile training, manual training in calorie function, distance, time, level test
Goal training
Time, distance, calories
HR Monitoring
Fc Monitoring
Technical Specifications
Width (mm | in)
816 (folded - 816)
Length (mm | in)
2040 (folded - 910)
Height (mm | in)
Height (folded) mm | in
Weight (kg | lbs)
Running Surface (Length) mm | in
Running Surface (width) mm | in
Maximum user weight (kg | lbs)
Engine Power (Peak)
2,75 HP
Service Enhancements
User Manual