The Easy Line collection is designed for the millions of people who want to lose weight and improve their health and physical condition, but are intimidated or dissatisfied by traditional gyms.

With these nine separate pieces of equipment, you can create a unique 30-minute circuit training area that will offer your customers a combination of both cardio and strength training with a high rate of calorie expenditure.

In addition to being used in traditional fitness facilities, Easy Line exercise areas have been set up in locations as diverse as small wellness studios, airports and even libraries.


This piece of equipment, placed between two machines, represents an intermediate station and enables users to walk, step on and off or walk, at a higher level of conditioning.


Easy Seat
Easy to use for all.
The shaped seat, inspired by automotive design, guarantees stability and comfort during exercise.

Easy Angle
The contour of the backrest mirrors the physiological curve of the spinal column and provides optimal stabilisation to all users.

Easy Fit
Easy Fit pads and retaining rolls are designed to fit different shapes and sizes.
Their special V shape provides extra support and holds the limbs in place during exercise.
This way users never lose contact or resistance and maintain the correct position at all times.

Easy on the knee
Studies carried out by Technogym® Scientific Centre have led to the creation of an anatomically contoured knee support to minimise pressure on the back of the knee.

Easy Pad
An adjusting Easy Pad that allows shorter users to keep the correct position on the equipment.

Easy Feel
Easy Line's hydraulic resistance is adapted to user's ability and physical condition, as it varies acoording to the speed of exercise.
This way Easy Line strenghtens both the agonistic and the antagonistic muscles, with the best efficacy and safety.

Durability and Quality

The best hydraulic pistons developed for the automotive and motorcycle sector has turned into Easy Line's driving force.
Very strict stress tests guarantee durability for more than one million cycles.

The tubolar frame diameter measures 76 mm and is 2,5 mm thick providing stability and durability to the product.

Easy Safety
As attentive as always to safety issues, Technogym® has produced a piston carter for each machine to increase safety levels for users and people in close vicinity of the equipment alike.

Ease of use

Easy 2 Move
Many Franchisees are women and do not want to move heavy machines.
Each machine is equipped an integrated wheel system that makes it easy to move.

Easy 2 Store
Easy Line can be moved and stored in a multifunctional studio, to optimize the club space.

Easy ID
All machines can be personalised and made readily identifiable by means of a number.
Together with your circuit you will receive a service box that contains special numbered stickers and instructions explaining how to place them on each station frame for easy identification.
It is up to you to choose which number to give to each machine according to how you want to organise your circuit.

  • Familiar style & design with excellent comfort
  • No adjustment
  • Complete, effective and quick training in 30 minutes only
  • Guaranteed results


Wellness Training

Technogym training services can recommend the training program to suit you best, no matter where your location. Our experts are on hand to help you reap the benefits of correctly-performed physical activities through the efficient use of Technogym products.

Wellness Design

Wellness planning and interior design are the cardinal points of the Technogym ® design service. All based on the skilful planning of lighting, aromas, colours and furnishings to cater for the customer's every need.

Technical Support

Technogym After Sales service is on hand at all times to help you get the best out of your equipment and maintain its value over time. Our Technical Support service guarantees you: An extensive nationwide network of authorised support centres, manned by on-call technicians who are ready to solve any problem you may have with your equipment.

Technical Specifications
Width (mm | in)
382 | 15
Length (mm | in)
864 | 34
Height (mm | in)
100 | 3.9
Weight (kg | lbs)
5 | 11.0