Group Cycle

Group Cycle

Group Cycle

Group Cycle

Unbeatable performance, impeccable attention to detail and quality materials, all enhanced by functional, unique design. Group Cycle is all this and much more: an indoor bike that combines the glorious Italian road cycling tradition with cutting-edge biomechanical engineering solutions.


Run Inclusive

Find out just how easy keeping fit can be, hop on the Group Cycle!

Training on this bike, designed to feel like the outdoor road cycling experience, means you can rev up your cardiovascular system, control your weight and improve muscle tone. Group Cycle offers you varied training sessions, because it can simulate the uphill and downhill experience of road cycling; it also matches your size and build, thanks to no less than three different adjustable settings. Experience the true Italian cycling spirit!


Why choose Group Cycle?

Unbeatable quality
Premium materials that are also scratch and corrosion resistant. And so easy to clean!

Italian Cycling Spirit Heritage
Its modern, sleek lines make Group Cycle the ultimate in Italian design.

The safety you expect from Technogym products
Group Cycle guarantees safety thanks to its rounded edges, smooth surfaces and flywheel Lock System.

Easy to move and adjust
No installation or connection required. It is designed to be moved and placed just where you want it, effortlessly. The patent-pending Fast&Simple Setting System also enables you to adjust your bike quickly thanks to the visual setup controls.

Made to Measure
Whatever your height, you will find the correct bike set for you to train comfortably in all 4 cycling positions.

Group Cycle’s biomechanical design means it is suitable for people from 140 to 210 cm in height and up to 160 kgs in weight.

Personal Solutions
You can choose your training pace and intensity by varying uphill and downhill conditions just like in road cycling. Also choose the chrono-race position and the standing position for sprints and uphill cycling. You can also mount your personal saddle and pedals: all attachment points are standard.

The multi-grip handlebar will offer you the greatest comfort in all cycling positions.

Experience the true Italian Cycling Spirit – at Home

Regular aerobic sessions with Group Cycle will enable you to:

  • A great way to achieve your cardiovascular goals
  • Tone and build your legs and glutes
  • Use as part of your weight management programme
  • High calorie burn through use of different muscle groups
  • Ideal for training or other sports and events


Wellness Training

Technogym training services can recommend the training program to suit you best, no matter where your location. Our experts are on hand to help you reap the benefits of correctly-performed physical activities through the efficient use of Technogym products.

Wellness Design

Wellness planning and interior design are the cardinal points of the Technogym ® design service. All based on the skilful planning of lighting, aromas, colours and furnishings to cater for the customer's every need.

Technical Support

Technogym After Sales service is on hand at all times to help you get the best out of your equipment and maintain its value over time. Our Technical Support service guarantees you: An extensive nationwide network of authorised support centres, manned by on-call technicians who are ready to solve any problem you may have with your equipment.

Special Features
Handlebar with soft elbow supports
14 | 0.5
Cranks and Pedals
Dual-sided SPD® pedals
Min - Max user height (cm | ft)
140 - 210 | 4.6 - 6.9
Max user weight (kg | lbs)
160 | 352
Resistance and Transmission
Drive System
60 | 134
Structural Specifications
Technical Specifications
Flywheel weight (kg | lbs)
20,5 | 45
Q Factor (mm | in)
180 | 7
Width (mm | in)
1170 | 46
Length (mm | in)
595 | 23
Height (mm | in)
1040 | 47
Weight (kg | lbs)
61 | 134
Visio: Technical Specs
Wireless and Wired network ready
Seat and Adjustments
Ergonomically designed double-density padding
Seat height adjustments (mm | in)
14 | 0.5
Seat fore/aft position
Knob & max torque limitation
Lock system for home enviromental
Optional (available from December 2010)