About Us


About Us

A serious investment in the development of an innovative facility requires the support of an experienced team of specialists.
At Geo Spa Fitness our team of experts marry experience with talent. The team provides a series of strategic services required at specific points in the project timeline. We use well established methods to ease communication with the site appointed project team. Geo Spa Fitness provides a high-level of support services that give the spa wellness facility a creative edge and add extraordinary value.

Using our extensive know-how and well-structured team, we assist in developing facilities that optimise space, provide operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Geo Spa Fitness is positioned with a well structured, Sales, Engineering, Training and Project Management Teams to provide a support for a seamless project completion With knowledge comes power.

Our approach works to ensure that the spa team can apply & develop knowledge, as well as impart their knowledge to the end user. This in turn will affect the reputation of the facility . A well informed team results in a quality service provider.

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