For when physical and mental fitness are 'mission critical'.

The military depends on the reliability of its equipment, and on the physical and mental fitness of everyone who serves.

Here are just some of the reasons why military organisations around the world choose Technogym:

  • improved physical and mental health
  • return to operational fitness after injury
  • maintain operational capability
  • combat obesity in sedentary trades
  • improve sporting performance
  • tool for assisting fitness test failures.

Why Technogym?

In addition to the reliability of our equipment, Technogym offers a variety of other features and services that help the military to optimise and track the effectiveness of their wellness programmes.

  • Use our Wellness Design service to create optimised environments within the spaces you have available
  • Train your staff to achieve better results with our Specialist Training & Consultancy services
  • Use our Wellness Key System to track the performance and progress of every user over time. This allows you to track and report both individual performances, and also the performance of your overall programme.

Our track record

As a supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence, Technogym has worked with the European Forces and Military Forces worldwide for over 10 years. Every day 15,000,000 people, including military personnel, train using Technogym® equipment. Technogym is also the Exclusive Official Supplier to the Beijing Olympics, 2008.

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