The retail experience is important when choosing Technogym. Falling into the luxury brand category – buying fitness equipment for the home is now like buying jewellery for the wife, a watch for the husband.

The aspiration of the consumer is fuelled by added awareness that is generated through media, constant exposure to new trends and international travel. It is no longer enough for a home owner to be a member of a prestigious club, but the increasing need for greater choice, the consumer now wishes to have a high end wellness experience at home as well.

The business to consumer approach attracts not only the end user but professional like architects, interiors designers and life style coach who want to push the boat out for their clients when redesigning the home. They make Technogym their choice of brand – not only creating a health enhancing space in the home but a space that is well designed and equipped.

Personal wellness is also a fast-growing area of interest for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

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