Community health starts with the wellness of its individual members.

As we all know, there is a looming and urgent crisis facing us in the areas of individual wellness and community health care. Sedentary lifestyles, too much junk food and the high cost of medical treatment undermine the health of individuals and the communities in which they live. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and back pain are just a few of the health issues that cost communities millions of dollars in health care, time off work and lost revenues.
By making community fitness centers attractive to a wider audience of users, you can not only help individuals with their wellness goals, but also bring community members together and reduce long-term healthcare costs.

Why Technogym?

In addition to the reliability of our equipment, Technogym offers a variety of other features and services that help community planners.
  • Use our Wellness Design service to create optimized environments within the spaces you have available.
  • Train your staff to achieve better results with our Specialist Training & Consultancy services.
  • Use our Wellness Key System to track the performance and progress of every user and community wellness facility.

Our track record

Technogym has equipped over 30,000 Wellness Centres and over 20,000 private homes in 60 different countries in the world.
Every day 15,000,000 people train using Technogym’s equipment.
Technogym is also the Official Exclusive Supplier to the Beijing Olympics, 2008.

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